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Knight's Armament Rifles/Other

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Are you sure that's the current URX II cut down? The original midlength URX didn't have an integrated flip up front sight and was shorter than the current URXII. I have one on my SR47:




More here.


USMC the currest URX II has an extended rail on what would be the barrel nut . im going for a little bit of accuracy on a 5.56 the first pic shows the URXII style with the red arrow and the 2nd pic is the older style. the original URX is not what i was looking for i already saw that one on the sr-25 urx.


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I lent my good photography lights to a friend for a photo shoot so I had to take these outdoors. Not the greatest pics, but they'll do for now.


This is, what I believe, is the first (and so far only) KAC SR-25 EM-C.



A close up of the modified gas block:



Click either pic for much larger version.


The base gun was an Ares XM110 SASS (long version). Very much inspired by Titleist's RS SR-25 EM-C. It took a while, but I'm pretty happy with the finished result.


Kit list:

• Ares XM110 SASS (modified externally)

• Knight Armament Rear 600m BUIS

• Knight Armament Rail Panels (stippled by BoreSight Solutions)

• Knight Armament Micro Mount

• Knight Armament Micro Battery Cover

• Aimpoint T-1 Micro

• CQD Sling mount (on the left side of URX rail)

• Magpul ACS

• Magpul 7.62 cover

• Magpul Rail Ladders

• Magpul AFG (stippled by BoreSight Solutions)

• Magpul ASAP

• RS Buffer Tube assembly modified to accept lipos

• Magpul PTS MIAD

• Magpul PTS Enhanced Trigger Guard

• G-MIC PEQ-15 with Green laser

• Andax PEQ15 Pattern Projector

• Element Dual Switch

• Element Surefire Scout with ACM LaRue Mount


Still to do:

• Gear Sector Scout Mount

• Swap the Element Scout for my real Scout, and add a Surefire V-Series Head

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I can't believe I'm asking this...but is the RAS on the VFC E-Series a carbine URX? It looks like it but I'm not entirely sure, and it's driving me crazy.



I really like the look of the KAC front flip-up and I was thinking of building something that includes that and a URX. This seems like a good value for a base, but if that's not a URX I think I'll just go G&P.


Any input?

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Thought I would post my pride and joy. I think I'm one of the few or the only one in the world with a rifle like this (Front barrel assembly), I based this off a SR25 Match Light. Is all G&P except for the barrel set.


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Bravo PDW. Just a CA 6.04 SS tight bore and a mad bull red bucking. Very impressive range and accuracy.

Searching for a battery that will fit inside with the gas tubes removed, and might have the real trademarks engraved.

On the way:

-KAC hand stop

-Dytac T-1 with KAC mount

-Thinking about the AFG2, but will probably stick with a QD VFG.


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Pretty sure thats a nay, as the round is pretty damn different. Maybe if there was some sort of follower replacement and a mag shell insert or something, but otherwise the round is to short from tip to primer if I am not mistaken, amongst other sizable differences....

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