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I have that exact same barrel. I checked it against a Daniel Defense 9" Lite rail I wanted to use and it left at least an inch of room to the gas block spacing on the barrel. Pics attached. Needs a 10" rail IMO, possibly 10 1/2 considering I just used a ###### receiver to mock it up and didn't actually tighten the rail down.


BTW From the end of the gas block area (where the smooth part necks down and starts to dimple again) to the very tip of the threads is exactly 4"




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Keep in mind the different lengths of the KAC URX:

* Carbine URX is 7" long

* Midlength URX II is 10.75" long

* Rifle Length URX II is 12.5" long

* XM110 URX is 12.5" long

* SR-25 URX (with integrated front sight) is 10" long


A Midlength URX II is compatible with the G&P 16" dimpled barrel.

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Just finished converting this to take a rear wired stock tube, first time ive undertaken any sort of reciever modification on a body which is discontinued took alot of care but i managed to get it to work.


still very basic at the moment i have some FDE XTM's, MBUIS and an RVG and UBR coming soon i used the AFG from my M14 and the black MBUIS from my HERA Carbine just for the time being. will replace the stock tube with a more durable one and i will try and see what it looks like with a can break on the 10inch barrel





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nevermind i found out myself, and funnily enough managed to find an 10.5 lying about how lucky is that.


took a quick snap with my phone, so apologies for the quality.


its beging to take shape im ordering the FDE RVG, XTM,s and MBUIS' soon and some beta project mags with some FG magpuls.


only problem i have i with the colour of the 552, krylon khaki don't match FDE very well. im either thinking of having it black or try to respray it with something as close to FDE as i can find.






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