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eHobby's Airsoft Jewelry/Necklaces

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But seriously, you try finding a U-rated picture of a prostitute on Google.


Probably not that hard, type your Mum's name into Google ;)


Then you get into 20mm Rail Dildos.


Mmmmm, extra deep ribbing for her pleasure.


I'm gonna give my girlfriend an airsoft bb "pearl" necklace, you know, in the spirit of replication!


If you an get it so that each one is like a little BB then win to you, would be cooler than blowing smoke rings from a cigar ;)


Skip that, KSC USPs have lanyard loops already. No need for a miniature. Personally, I'd want a gilded 1911 'round my neck.


Me thinking photo op time with my 1911 and a chain, not to have a chain that will fit lol.


Now if they do a .45 shell in this then i will go for win, or maybe a 1911A1 mag on a neck chain, practical and good looking ;)



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