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Custom WA Infinity 6.0 IED

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Custom WA Infinity 6.0 IED

Article by Twin_cam

Pictures by Hitman


The SV 6.0 IED replicates the 6 inch barreled long slide 1911s used in IPSC shooting games.


These guns are used in classes where optics are prohibited and shooters benefit from the precision and faster acquisition that a long sight radius offers.


Appearance: The WA replica is an IED, infinity extended dustcover. This means that the dustcover on the frame extends the full length of the slide. Unlike Infinity hicaps, the IED models use a plastic one piece frame.


The length of the slide precludes the use of the standard 1911 barrel bushing and shorty spring plug. Instead, the gun is fitted with a bull barrel and a full length guide rod. I'd rather have the original setup, but hey, it's a race gun.


The top of the slide is serrated along its full length in an effort to reduce glare along the top of the slide. Sights are adjustable Bo-Mars. The back of the rear sight is serrated to reduce glare, but there is just not enough light around the front sight to really make the most of this setup. Nothing that can't be remedied though.


Hammer is the infinity interpretation of a speed hammer, skeletonized and squared off. The thumb safeties are ambidextrous gas pedals. They don't get any wider than this. It's okay though, this detail is still in keeping with the race theme of the gun. The grip safety sports an extended beavertail with memory pad, speed bump, whatever you wanna call it. It makes sure the grip safety is deactivated every time you put your paws on the gun.


Grips have the infinity logo inside a sunken circle. I've never been to fond of the logo, looks too 80's for me. What is nice about the grips is that they are checkered and hard rubber which makes the gripping good. The double diamond pattern also adds class to the gun.


Here's a curious detail. The gun has competition sights, competition thumb safeties, but a standard combat slide stop. I would have expected an extended slide stop, but WA just does weird stuff like this.


Performance: This gun is a single stack, and uses a single column mag with 15 round capacity. As with other single column 1911s, expect 25 to 30 rounds from a single charge before it poops out.


Stock fps with this extended barrel is between 250 - 260. At 8m the gun prints its groups into 1 to 1.25 inches. This is offhand without any type of bench rest. the gun shoots better than I am capable.


How does it feel?

On 134a, blowback is mild because the magna mechanism has to overcome the inertia of such a long slide. Don't fret though, heavyweight construction is a good thing as we will find out later.


The trigger is metal and one of the weirdo infinity designs. It is, however, quite comfortable to use. Be warned when handling this weapon. The trigger pull is unbelievably light. It feels like it's only a 1.5 to 2 lb pull, even lighter than an ultimate comp race gun. This translates into very fast split times, but is best left to experienced shooters because a light trigger on a first gun can actually lead to bad habits.


Bottom Line:

Would i recommend this gun? In a word, yup, but not as a first gun. This gun is really intended for seasoned shooters, and novices might not appreciate all the details built into the gun. Performance on 134a is more than adequate, but the real fun begins once you start tuning



The front sight is a one off piece that i fabricated for this particular gun. It utilizes a gold bead where a tritium insert would go. It helps to catch the ambient light in low-light conditions and gives you a very fast sight picture. The slide is by prime and was a bit of a bear to fit, but it worked out nicely in the end. The chamber/barrel hood is by G&G. Internally we have a guarder spring set, guarder loading nozzle, metal hop, and a custom tungsten carbide firing pin that i fabricated to my own specs. Mix all that in with lots of tuning and you have a very wicked and stong gun!


Here are some pictures:















Thanks for looking guys! Keep a look out for more of our reviews!

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