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G36 Picture Thread

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Ah, sorry, my bad. I just noticed ChinToka's handguard had mounting points on top too. That's a new one for me, I've only seen K-handguards of that type before :)

The one I linked to is the new-ish style with mounting points on the sides and bottom. Though now I know there's an even newer type out :P



TBH, there are alot more pictures of the 3 point handguard than the aluminium one.I really can't decide which to go after!

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It is a Magpul PTS CTR stock. I got mine in Tokyo from Echigoya but I have seen them here:






I really like the feel of the stock.






but how would you attach that to the g36?

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Yeah that is the adapter I have for my G36. I know there is another brand and I think an ACM one as well but Echigoya doesn't carry a lot of ACM stuff. I did this mainly for a telescoping option because I don't care for the side folder and never use it. I wanted a shorter pull and I am already familiar with the M4 family and their ergonomics. It was also based on a weapon for a comic book project I have been working on. It is not 100% finished as yet. I kept all the regular parts to switch it back if I was to finish my KSK kit. So far all the cosmetic conversion parts I have for my G3 and G36 have all been from Laylax.

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thanks, i had to do a lot of dremelling in the area where the hand guard pin is; it was way too narrow. The new problem is, due to ARES' more realistic barrel, battery space is in very short supply. king arms buffer tube and socom gear tri-panel lipos are both too tall to fit :(

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Looking for some information, i had a search and the information i;ve found is thin on the ground and a little confusing


Looking to try and nail down the method German special forces are using to camo up there g36s, i;ve read it is chalk or 'Paris White'? mixed with a pigment, and the finish can easily be washed off


does anyone have any information?

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But, it is still the only way to get the Ares G36 ATM.

Removing the Umarex ###### from it aint that hard. The sticker goes away easily, and the only other is the engraved "Umarex is the sole holder of the hk license bla bla bla" which is on the right side of the magwell. Replacing the magwell with one that does not have any markings will solve this.


EDIT: I have seen some rifles where there are white engraved Umarex markings on the right side. Mine had none, the only markings on the right side was the non white engraved on the magwell.

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So, basically, they somehow acquired all the rights to use these trademarks and therefore get paid even though they don't actually make anything themselves...?


You've got to hand it to them, it's quite a clever move. Bunch of bastards... <_<




Well this is hardly a new step in Airsoft terms, both Umarex and Cybergun have been doing this for ages.

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