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G36 Picture Thread

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A pic of my table earlier this week as I put together my CA8-2 and CA36K for sale, as the parts had all got mixed up over the years.



Secondly a picture of my CA36C in the last setup I'd used it. I was thinking of selling it along with the other two, but having played with it again, I'm not so sure...


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Looks cool except for the tape. It'd burn away really quickly in real life but if you like it, go for it. :)


Point taken, re: the tape. I use it mainly to cover non-appropriate markings, but a quick spray of paint would take care of that.


ok when i c that im convinced im ordering one of those stocks


Don't buy an IdZ stock only for its good looks - it's also very comfortable to use, and well designed for real world use IE. it doesn't snag on load bearing gear.

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any difficulties mounting the IDZ kit on the Ares?


No, no difficulties at all. The stock required only very minor adjustments to fit my Ares. I had to bore-out the hole for the pin, using a slightly over-sized drill bit (could've used a small round file), then I smoothed-out the hinge points with a flat file. In all, it might've taken two minutes worth of effort. The top rail fits with no adjustment needed.


Once fitted for my Ares G36, I could still use the IdZ stock on my WE G39. The Ares AEG and the WE GBBR seem to share all the same good attributes.

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Here's my G36C, with scope and suppressor.


Sorry for the poor photo quality, I will try to update it soon (I've also changed to a slightly larger diameter suppressor as I was only borrowing this one).




The paint job seems to attract quite a bit of attention, it's just a krylon OD layer.


The suppressor is covering a 363mm tight bore barrel.

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