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G36 Picture Thread

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Reppin' it ksk style... no gay battery stock for me....




Not finished yet, my freind has still yet to give me my mp7 sights back, obviously the foregrip pins aren't in the guns, I need to fit the RAS barrel set, and some internal upgrades, aswell as a barrel extention for use with the ugl and a custom "knights type" flash hider. once that is sorted I will be chalking it up. Sorry for the *suitcasey* phone pictures.

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Thats a CA RAS, its similar to the KAC but not an exact replica which is a shame.

Real KAC RAS, http://justflecktarn.co.uk/images/chermans/76er_KSK_29.jpg


My flash hider as it stands ;



Real KAC flash hider (not the greatest pic)





It needs to be smoothed out and then threaded. Its not exact but its close enough. If I were to do it again, I'd get it machined as something similar similar to a barrel extension, to which I would then put on a knights type M4 QD flash hider thing.



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Hello everybody!

Another now oldtimer. This beauty is already many years old.

Custom G36K!


Real Parts: Oldschool Handguard, Stock, Hensoldt Dual Sight and Army Code Parts to make it even more look like real.






To be honest. I stopped with playing/buying Airsoft a while ago but now I'm back again and need to show off my old stuff.

Generally I love simple looking guns without too much stuff on it.





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Orb, was the Hensholdt worth it? And where did you get one? Gotta say, extremely jealous.


An exploded picture of my CA36.


All CA except the bi-pod is a G&P and my dual optic is a Star. Star optic was a bit more than disappointing, and sadly won't zero in properly so its back to a G36E variation at the moment. I'm currently wondering if I can get an A2 carry handle and one of those ACM G36 red dot look-a-likes and gut the Star optic to make it look like an A1.

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