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G36 Picture Thread

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hi folks

some pics of the G36c now, nothing special, only internal upgrades are hop rubber, madbul tightbore and a new spring. externally QD silencer, AFG and when needed torch.

let me know what you guys think.










finally picture is fully loaded, apologies for the quality on that one, cant take pics me :(




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the thermolds are great for "field days" and cqb but i do think occasionally i need some nicer looking high caps. lol. though once i get some cash together (and possibly stop having other expensive hobbies :) ) ill be ordering some PMag mid caps - now to find which ones work best with the magwell conversions!

cheers for the feedback

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Depends how you look at it. The proper PTS ones aren't cheap, but realistically how many will you need? And they'll last forever (literally), so it's hardly bad value for money. Taking in to account the STAR/ARES 'green label' ones are utter dross and have been almost universally slammed all over the place, which is better to put your money in to?

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fair point, ill have to order a few at a time, i always like to carry 6 mags min if im using mids, though been anal thats always be carrying an even number and have an odd one mounted in the gun, dunno why just my OCD i think. lol. will have to get a few eventually

cheers for the heads up, though if you an recommend any sellers for them it would be appreciated

cheers again


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