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AR15 Picture Thread

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More cool kid points!!! :P


Now should I build mine or wait.......



You can definitely build an exact replica yourself, but you'll probably pay more that way. But, I personally prefer doing that to getting a preassembled package. Plus, the VFC won't be out for a while. I'd say ask your wallet and your patience to slug it out and go with the winner. Speaking of builds...





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Kojak's gun last page is just awesome looking weapon. Love the stock and the front of the gun.

Dark Harvey's gun is very nice, but i would like just black. I like it like that, the stock gives it own vibe i think.

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Rejoining the AR15 Herd after a long hiatus :)
















It needs cleaning... bad...


G&P WOC... stock... for now... Got a killer deal on it, 450$ with 6 mags which only one worked. After taking apart all 6, I have 5 working mags with Propane and one completely frakked mag. So I have 4 WA mags that work and a Bomber mag, and a completely stock G&P WOC M16A4, for 450$ :) Thanks SADman, it was a deal I couldn't pass up. Now time to make it skirmish worthy!



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That's awesome, PeaceKeeper. Heck of a deal for a gorgeous rifle!


Thanks for the comments, fellas. The ol' M4A1 Block 2 project, such as it is. Eizen, yeah I'm definitely planning to pick up a VFC PEQ-15.. and is the Element M3X out yet? I recall it was supposed to be June, but I can't find it at any retailers. I might swap for a Crane stock at some point, but I really like the LE type, and it's still kosher for the setup, so I'm up in the air. It certainly would balance the longarsed rail and can, ha. Just for lols, how's this, Madcap? :P Before the paint:



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VFC Peq 15?


The Element PEQ 16/ M3X with dual switch combo is coming soon- for a much more accurate Block 2 look. When speaking to a Marine who works in an armory the other day, he told me they're phasing out the PEQ 15's, and anything new is going to be a PEQ 16.


Plus I heard pretty iffy reviews on the VFC. Kinda hit or miss

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Very nice build Harvey!!! I definitely like the M4 RIS II and I was going to go with Troy Battle sights like you but sold mine and getting KAC instead.


I decided to go with my own build be fore I read your post. Mine is actually going to be cheaper and better than the VFC. :D


I am just waiting on the M3X and Specter DR.


@Brooklyn: The 15/APTIAL might get phased out in the corps, where it is only being used as of now, but that doesn't mean that all the other branches will stop using it. The AN/PEQ-16A Mini is great in theory but it's not as practical from what I've heard. It's a battery hog and more bulky than the 15. Also, some operators prefer to run an independent light/laser sources for more reliability and prolonged battery life.


I've never used a 16 but it definitely looks promising and do plan to pick one up if my budget allows it. However, the 15 is nowhere near being fully phased out since it will still be prefered over the 16 by some.


I have a VFC 15 on the way and a 15 made by Pro&T(ACM). I will most likely do a comparison review. The VFC isn't bad but it definitely is AIRSOFT ONLY and it stops there. The G&P AN/PEQ-2A on the other hand is superb and it's light and laser are great quality and have intense power. The G&P 2A is converted to IR for RS use so that gives you a clue.



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Im going to get one of those A.R.M.S. Style QD vert grips for it too.


Be careful with putting vertical grips on the ICS sir, as there's a risk of breaking the metal lips on the upper part (the ones that hook into the lower handguard).

By using a vertical grip, you unwillingly create torsion which makes these little lips snap quite easily, especially when you also have a nunchuck battery in there. (Happened to me)

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Finally found some time for a proper photo-op. The LaRue-styled 16" GBBR is more or less finished, last part missing is a midlength gas tube, and perhaps a LT15 receiver, if a normal-priced one ever comes out. Barrel on the FG one is 16", the FDE which belongs to my friend is a 12" (both in stainless steel, custom made by a friendly workshop for a case of beer).







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