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AR15 Picture Thread

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Kojack: isnt that scope sitting a bit high? im after a similar build with a casv and all, but the scope in a larue base seems so... high blink.gif



Not really, just don't use the extra tall LaRue mount. With the optic at 1x you can still see the front sight: call it a 1/8 co-witness.



Aight guys, It's been a while but my GBBR is going through some pretty serious changes. Including Prime KAC lower. ATM, I have no rail system, so nothing to photograph.


However, I felt the need to share with you my custom UBR strike plate.



<3 Strike plate. I kinda wanna get it refinished, the coat is kinda glossy for me.



Nice, I happen to have ordered one of those just a couple days ago. http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=251153


The extended butt pad looks good too.

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Piccies :D




Usually i keep the ACOG (which is x4) on the silenced CQB but im going for a personal take on the BHD style (id rather have a scope than a red dot) whilst keeping the super cool aesthetics. Barrel torch is en route and will post when that arrives.

Im also torn whether to take the plunge and go for an A2 reciever, i like the avaliablilty of the flat top (throw RIS handguards on and its a completely new M4)....hard choices life throws at us.

Let me know what you ever-so-well-informed gentlemen and gentleladies think :D

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Just got my Dboys M4A1 RIS yesterday, already tore it to pieces to reshim and relube the mechbox and found 7mm bearing bushings, a ball bearing spring guide, sector chip, ported piston head, and a smooth bore airseal nozzle. Oh, and it was almost shimmed correctly. :o







Quite a few things still need to be purchased for it, but so far I'm happy with it. It's nice getting back into airsoft. :D

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Where'd you pick that up? I've seen a couple of those in the field, but never got a chance to find out where they come from.

I want to know it too, looks insanelly badass ohmy.gif


Custom Aluminum CNCed out of 6061. I want to get it hard coat oxide though so that it matches my prime receiver. It looks a little too glossy.


Magpul will be selling them soon- but I heard a guy on Calguns.net makes them.


No, word is that they won't be releasing theirs after all.

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Here's a pic or two of my CA based M727:








As much as I quite liked it, it's being converted to a M733.


And the parts from that M727 went into my latest project build:












She's got a plethora of upgrades inside her - G&P Piston and piston head, CA nozzle, cylinder and cylinder head, CA metal spring guide, M100 spring, 7mm bushings and a Systema red-capped motor - one of the older ones, but still a damn good one - a CA hop-up unit with a KWA 2GX rubber and a 363mm 6.03 tightbore. I rewired her to the lipo buffer tube with a home-built MOSFET so I can hide a stick 7.4v lipo in there. She's shooting 365fps at 20rps. :D


Not quite finished externally though - I need to modify the AAC can, as the DBOYs suppressor sits slightly crooked on the ELEMENT flash hider. I'm also going to be replacing the CB M4 grips with a Novekse style rail set like this, and replacing the LE stock with a CB SOPMOD crane stock, and installing an endplate so I can onepoint it. I quite like the QD rear sight, since I made it by cutting down a plastic carry handle that came with an M4 I sold a long time ago. :D


Just to note, the colour difference is not so pronounced in person - it's just quite camera-shy. I used Humbrol #29 (Dark Brown) in case anyone was wondering.

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Vaporware-- it's been "Coming Soon" ever since the UBR was released. Mine is "Coming in Tomorrow's Mail" tongue.gif. Although if it's too shiny I will spray it with lowly Krylon, since I'm ghetto like that.



Really? Well they should really take it off the website lol.


The vainguard: Custom made? oh *SUITCASE! so you made a cad of it and machined? congratulations, it looks great :D


He bought it. There's a guy on a RS forum that makes em

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More toy fun:



Jing Gong M4 GBB with a G&P metal receiver, TangoDown pistol grip, A&K RIS, KAC vertical grip, Pro--T functional PEQ-15 (with light/laser), Magpul PTS CTR stock, real buffer tube, recoil buffer/spring, castle ring, CA carry handle, and Trijicon TA50-2. I've got a real KAC RIS coming in and I ordered an American Defense mount for the Trijicon. I still need to get a real back up sight for it, I dislike the MaTech but it's what I'm issued. Either a Matech or a Troy from one of my other rifles.


Internally it's got a bunch of Chinese and G&P steel parts and a reinforced spring set. The G&P receiver is total ###### for $180... :angry:

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