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AR15 Picture Thread

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... Also, where'd you pick up the CQD sling point? I've only been able to locate a very poor replica on EBB so far, nowhere else has any of that style in stock it appears.


What's wrong with the EBB version?


And Tomek, I'm getting a bad case of scope envy.

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This replica is some random china clone copy made of steel that I bought from Dragon Red Airsoft last year, it's solid and works great! As for that mechanical winding key, there is actually a MadBull M470 CO2 mechbox installed and a CO2 cartridge goes in the grip. That mechbox never works right and is best served as a door stop, but I just used it to put the gun together lol.

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Blablabla, nice! That's a stunner, man. E2's are hard to beat, they're a darn attractive AR. Love the 203.


@Tomek, seriously liking the glass, great looking setup! I'd assume the Specter DR is a replica? I'd love to hear which you have and how you like it, if so. I'm looking to pick one up, currently considering the Ebaybanned version trying to decide if it's decent or not, haha.


My contribution, VFC M4A1 E Series:





And after installation of a Socom Gear DD M4A1 RIS II (other pics in SEAL thread):





Planning to pick up a Specter DR replica, KAC QD suppressor, rear sling mount/1 point sling, TD or ladder rail guards, and stubby or Dytac foregrip. Should be fun.

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*thing with a Elcan Specter DR*


Can you actually use it mount it like that? I don't know how the clone(I am assuming its a clone)'s eye relief is, but I think the RS version still has similar eye-relief as the ACOG...running that much stock extension with the DR mounted that forward you probably can't see through it....


AFAIK the shape like the DR(much like the ACOG) is designed for a folded BUIS to go under the eye piece...

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for comments! Sorry for my late reply. So, about Specter - yep, that's replica. I get it from EBB and repainted by myself. How about quality? Build quality as well as eye relief imho are much better than my old G&P Elcan or even ACM TA31. About mount - I have to fold stock to 4/6 to have clearly shot.



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The concept:








The finished project:


Lightweight config:























King Arms Colt M4

Dytac tracer/silencer + SCAR flashider

Daniel Defense Mk.18 RIS II

King Arms VLTOR low-profile gas block

Surefire X200B weaponlight

Magpul PTS AFG

Magpul PTS P-mag w/ranger plate

Magpul PTS MOE trigger-guard

Magpul PTS MOE grip

Magpul PTS MOE stock

Magpul PTS ASAP sling plate

Magpul MS2 sling

EOtech 512 holosight

Aimpoint 3x magnifier

Larue FTS mount

King Arms 11v LiPo battery (inside RIS)

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