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AR15 Picture Thread

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Hows the reticle lined up on your Spectre lambolurker?


The two I've looked through so far, the prism/crosshair seems to be canted to the side making you tilt the rifle at an akward angle to get the reticle to be vertical. :( I'm just wondering if they're all like this or if the ones I've seen are defects.

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This started off as a WOC defender.







Lower (Semi Auto Only):

Prime Colt MBK

VLTOR Buffer Tube

CMT Castle Nut

Magpul ASAP

KNS Gen.2 Mod.2 Pins

KNS Takedown and Pivot pins

KNS Auto Sear Pin (modified to fit and semi-auto only)

Prime Ambi Selector (modified to semi-auto only, will not flip to auto)

KAC Ambi Mag Release

Magpul Aluminum Trigger Guard


Mk18 Upper

Prime Upper

Prime Charging Handle

G&P WOC Defender Front Set

RATech Hopup Rubber

RATech Aluminum Bolt w/ NPAS

Prime Steel Bolt Carrier (Lightened)

Troy SKD Sights

KAC Hand Stop

Magpul XTM Panels

Trijicon RMR w/ ADM Mount and Riser

DYTac AAC Style Flashhider


Mk12.Mod0.5 Upper

Milspec Upper

Armadynamics ACLM Charging Handle

5KU Steel Barrel extension

DYTac 16" Barrel

PRI 15.5" Carbon Fiber FF Rail (Natural Finish)

PMC Tactical AAC Blackout Flashider

Bomber Larue SPR-E Mount

Vector 1-4x24 Optic

G&P Hopup Housing

RATech Inner Barrel

RATech Hopup Rubber

RATech Gen 2 Aluminum Bolt w/ NPAS

Prime Steel Bolt Carrier (Lightened)


Project Lower:

Iron Airsoft Larue LT-15

This will be a full auto lower with mostly airsoft parts.


Things to add:

Troy Battle Ax CQB Grip

Troy Battle Ax Stock or VLTOR IMOD Stock or LMT SOPMOD

Trijicon TR-24 w/ ADM Mount

CQD and/or Magpul Front Sling Mount

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Tha Flash, posting these pictures will earn you the right to have your very own personnal hate club. Isn't your PRI hand guard missing the top rail?


I believe you're talking about the ARMS #38 rail that goes on the top of the MK12's. They don't make that rail for the 15.5" handguard. I might get a PRI Recon Rail to take the place but that would mean I'd have to use regular scope rings for the scope as the ADM and Larue style ones would place the optic too high.

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Here's my latest, Colt model 602


Also installed real deal period correct stock, and handguards, I am going to frontwire it, so I don't have to mess with the stock and can leave it all original as it should be :)

working out great so far :)




Also picked up a great looking beo pants, If only I could find a good top :(

If somebody has an idea to find a good one drop me a line


Or a good cowboy hat or marine style cap


Here's two inspi pics, pretty well know to everyone




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