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AR15 Picture Thread

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All claims of more range can be dismissed at hand because there's really only two ways to achieve it:


-more speed

-more lift


- greater muzzle energy

- less drag



More lift would be called overhopping. For level flight, you need the correct amount of lift (i.e., equal to the weight of the BB). As for your first point, you could also call it more speed, since it is related to speed, but you are primarily concerned about the muzzle energy, which also involves BB mass.You can always change the muzzle speed of a given gun if you change BB mass. Muzzle energy is, to good approximation, a fixed characteristic of a gun (for an AEG, dependent on spring stiffness, for a GBB, on reservoir pressure).

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I had to machine the barrel a little so I could get the switchblock to sit close to the RIS like that, it was meant for a 10" handguard. This was inspired by an RS setup I saw on some forum.

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