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AR15 Picture Thread

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What make/model do you use mate? I need to sort out batteries for my G&P.



7.4 800 or 1200's from Component shop in all of mine (And Jack's 'n all) - www.component-shop.co.uk


I use the cheap £14 turnigy blue box charger, does the job fine, and a 7.4 1200 is an easy fit in the buffer tube.



*edit* Lately i've been using the 7.4 1100's on CS - They're the size of a 7.4 800, and the only noticeable difference i can find is they're 15C discharge rather than 20C. They're also cheap enough to be considered a consumable. There's no noticeable delay in trigger response or ROF on any of my rifles though, i'd recommend them. For info's sake a G&P 8mm box with one of them gives about 1000-1100RPM with a nice quick trigger.

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Real steel troy, magpul, DD light mount, and surefire G2. biggrin.gif

Troy claymore comp, FDE MOE and trig guard, ASAP, and possibly some FDE TROY MBUS inbound.

Base gun is a KWA SR12.

Really nice stuff mate, looking forward to the finished article. Did the rail get on ok with the KWA barrel nut or did the RS one fit?

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Thanks. The rail uses a proprietary barrel nut, which was quite hard to get on my KWA. It involved a vice, rubber mallet, the proprietary barrel nut-wrench they give, and a lot of hoping that nothing on the gun was going to break every time I hit the mallet lol.

Installed the trigger guard last night. It keeps looking better and better.

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