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AR15 Picture Thread

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Any Viper/Inokatsu/Prime lower GBBR owners have success installing an ACM (not PTS) UBR?

I have one on an Iron Airsoft Larue build which is Prime sized. The buffer tube screws on fine. You just need to get a longer screw to go through the butt of the stock into the buffer tube. But this is a problem whatever you install the UBR on.

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Looks like TROY is retaking over the AR scene here XD.



Cheap + light + quality= win



Erik, I have almost the exact same parts on the way for both RS and AS, except I've got a 14.5 in AS and 11" TRX and a 16 inch RS and a 13" trx.... Although I do have a BC 1.5 instead the flash hider you have.

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Here's my G&P WOC GBBR






G&P WOC SR15E3 body

G&P SR15 URX Med Rail

Magpul MIAD grip

Magpul XTM rail covers


Magpul PTS ACS stock

King Arms Leupold Mark IV CQ/T



1st and 2nd BCG's - 5KU aluminum NPAS nozzle w/ interchangable tip (in G&P BC)

3rd BCG - JG ABS nozzle w/ brass tip (in JG BC)

Also have two extra loading nozzles, one original G&P and not sure on make of the other.

AABB PRI charging handle

AABB Speed buffer and hard recoil buffer spring

5KU 130% hammer spring


WA Super mag, 3x leak free GHK mags and one JG leak free mag.

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Heh, polymer light mounted on barrel :huh::P.


Please, cut a c...p.


Edit: Please forgive me and delete this. Sometimes I just can't stand this kind approach to others...

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Didn't know systema made receivers, but I guess one can always learn :)


@grzechotnik: They're ACM replica's of tangodown panels a.k.a. the "SCAR panels", they come as a set of 1 long and one short panel, either in black or FDE. I bought them secondhand, but I think the previous owner got 'em off EBB (?)


Pic thread:


KISS M4A1, normally sits on another lower, which I'm working on "atm" (not literally speaking since I live in the *albatroth* netherlands





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Its an old body, before Systema even made PTWs from what I remember. I remember seeing them back in like 05 and around then. I got it semi recently with a gun I bought, and the lower broke in transit. Fixed it with some glue and it held up for awhile, then broke again. Decided to just scrap it and use the upper. A whole bunch of filing of the rear pin tabs and a long piece of metal that ran along the side and I made it to fit on the G&P lower. Only a slight gap between the rear curve part of the upper and the lower that's hardly noticeable.

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Kicking it old school... Diemaco C8/A1.


Sorry for the shocking photo quality. Still waiting to find a G&P trigger guard too, metal body didn't come with one :/






Combined a M653 upper with a C8A1 lower. I realise it's not technically 'original C8 accurate' but there are ref pics of JTF 2 still using A1-style uppers on carbines in Iraq fairly currently so I'm not too bothered given Diemaco's trend for mixing and matching receivers... best I could do anyways :P


Pistol grip is supposed to be an A2, need to change that as well, but it's still very much a WIP. Opticswise I'm putting a Colt 4x20 carry handle scope on there until I can source a fairly reasonably priced aimpoint M2 setup with the correct mount (don't want to shell out another £90 for another correct guarder one), or a carry-handle mounted iron-sighted ACOG.

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