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AR15 Picture Thread

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The only issue for some could be the depth that the fill nozzle now sits,a standard gas bottle nozzle may not reach, but i have some long adaptors that do the job great.


Damn then i would need to drill a much bigger hole if i wanted to switch the inlet valves for those used by my external rig. But how fazer are the valves from the bottom of the mag ?

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the full length of a standard green gas bottle nozzle, id say 10-15mm, we can take this to a separate thread or pm's if you like, as not too de-rail the picture thread too much.


I have lots of new shiny kit and accessories at the mo, as soon as i get a chance im going to do some reviews.

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Mk12 Mod0 build


CA M15A4 CQB was the base gun

- CA Mk12 kit

- G&G full stock (giant battery compartment for the win)

- Evike M160 dropin gearbox from about a year ago (extremely impressed with how this is holding up... definitely worth the $110)

- Matrix Magnum motor

- 14ga wiring

- 4000mah 30c 11.1v lipo

- one of my braking MOSFETs

- Madbull Ultimate hopup unit, H-nub, Systema bucking (trying to decide on the final barrel/bucking/nub combo)


Going to be painting it soon, aswell as swapping out a Tango Down Battle Grip and a MOE trigger guard. The flashlight doesn't stay on there; I had it on while testing different BB weights in the backyard last night.



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Dear Purists;




Love, Rich :P





....Seriously though, i'm not really doing that. Friend of mine had an 11.5" M733 barrel and wanted a 10.5, so my XM177E1 is now a sort of M733, kind of. Or something. It's one of these, anyway;




And my MRP, after being hacked at with a dremel;



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Lots of guys use A1 uppers on tactical carbines. Same with lightweight barrels. Not out of the ordinary at all, its actually smart.



I've always much preffered the A1 style carry handle rear sights to anything folding or 'click adjustable' - They just seem so much more solid. I actually really like the setup with the M6, but the unmodified rifle is so ridiculously light i don't want to add any weight to it. Plus it just looks so clean. The picture was really just for the fun hell of it, but if i had another XM...

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How do I know I've been softing for too long?


First thing I think when I see those pics is: Awful trigger discipline and terrible firing stance. >_<




Girl airsofters don't exist, there like bread in a can!



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