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AR15 Picture Thread

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Hwagan, what exactly did you dremel on your MRP? Looks pretty standard to me.



See ejection port cover - Not that neat, but i figure if you're going to carve abuse at the enemy into your gun, you're probably not too worried about the font :P

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Sorry to interrupt this conversation about the very very nice "gun" pictures but...I got a new front set for my Sr-16 SPR






Soon to add:

Larue SPR Scope Mount

Knights Trigger Guard


That is one sexy rifle!

Here's my 3rd carbine, a KA M4 VLTOR VIS. Don't mind the receiver, it's for another G&P replica:



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I don't really understand lipos. Will a 7.4v give better performance than a 8.4 or 9.6 nimh?



Better than an 8.4, and close to a 9.6. In my G&P's a 7.4 800MaH LiPo kicks out 20-21RPS, whereas an 8.4 1600MaH nimh is around 17. A 9.6 pushes it up to about 23-24RPS.


They also don't require discharging, won't melt your face off unless you're an idiot (I'm an idiot and my face remains intact after 2 years of use), and are cheap as chips. Lipos = Win.

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Hell yeah, Love it!

No need for old fat handguards, full or crane stock neither a fake peq... So nice just running a clean gun!


7.2 lipo btw



nice, i did the same with my G&P. takes the limit off the differnet kinds of stocks i can use.



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