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AR15 Picture Thread

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Why not go for a metal body; tighten the whole package up and give the flat top some more stability?


EDIT: Also, Imado, your signature is too large per the rules. Check the sticky in General.

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Thanks for letting me know regarding the sig, it's fixed now.


I don't really have anything against LiPo batteries (I do hate how it's the first thing some people jump to to raise RoF). There is the extra maintenance required to keep the packs working properly (and a LiPo fire would not end well inside that sealed tube).

There is the obvious issue of finding a pack that will fit, and has a decent capacity. The tube is ~1 inch in diameter and I might have about 4-5 inches for length (with wire room in consideration). If I could find a reasonably priced, reliable, 7.4v pack that fits....I'd be willing to try it out.


Now to the receiver. Weight isn't really an issue, but I do like how light the polymer one is. I honestly do want to get a metal receiver, but financially I can't do it.



Before I do any of these upgrades, I will get the AWS Raptor mosfet. I actually need it if I do route the wiring into the buffer tube, my HS mosfet will severely get in the way.

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I completely understand, the battery bag and scope riser are eyesores. I wish I had better looking alternatives...


The battery bag was switched to the front out of necessity. I used to have this wired to the rear with the bag attached to the stock (it honestly looked worse). The only option I see is to move to lipo batteries and get one to fit in the PRS buffer tube, which is something I'd rather not do.


What about a PEQ box? Seems like it would be a good option now that you have the gun wired to the front.

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Here is the latest addition to my armory. This Memorial weekend I had the honor of fighting in Operation Lion Claws X with Col. Danny McKnight and I also had the honor of winning the rifle his nephew used during the game. Although I never met his nephew, he is in the process of attending Ranger School to continue the family tradition. Anyway to the gun...


This is my KISS build and all that is missing is the Daniel Defense QD rear plate mount and fixed rear sight. As such I have a Magpul CTR, MOE handguard, MOE grip, and Surefire 620c. Funny thing is since the rifle was free all of my RS accessories are worth almost two or three of these rifle...




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Now that's a bad-*albatross* gun Kingdong! Which one of your many loadouts is it for? tongue.gif Suppressor/PEQ2 says UKSF, but your other post suggests SEALS/USSF...


Thanks mate!


I think im going to stick to UKSF for now.. seems like the cheapest option! going to try and find a C8 receiver for it.

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