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FN Picture Thread

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They're Cybergun branded but I'm not sure who OEM is, I got it secondhand here on Arnies. I don't think they're made anymore, they seem to be sold out everywhere.

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My ARES L1A1 Self Loading Rifle. Where appropriate some metal parts have been paint stripped and refinished to replicate the real weapon more closely, notably the fake bolt carrier and the butt plate.


The ARES wooden furniture set was purchased separately and I stripped it back, stained it, gave it a good soaking in boiled linseed oil and then finished off by rubbing in a beeswax/turps/linseed oil mix.


The sight is an L2A1 SUIT (Sight Unit Infantry Trilux) manufactured in April 1972.


The dust cover incorporating the SUIT adapter mount is a new reproduction purchased from DS Solutions in Kent. 


The L1A3 bayonet was from Time Militaria also in Kent


Clicking on the photos should bring up enlargements.

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My baby :) Put real GP grips on it. Tanaka M1935. Still looking for an Mk.III to complete my collection.


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Why do non of these links people are quoting work on my Mac?  Is it something to do with this new forum?


Edit:  Now they have popped up, seems to take ages, but the

pics have now obscured the text. lol

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On 6/16/2018 at 9:42 PM, jez said:

My WEe0fc5ea7db12f9b79b109f83500e9491.jpg

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Man that's sweet!!! Love the grip also love the fact scars can take an ar 15 grips. Scope a bi pod are so cool. Man makes we want to buy one......must resists. I'm so jelly!!

edit: the fns 9 would make a great back up pistol for this beauty. 

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