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FN Picture Thread

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MK48 Mod 1    

Custom Mk48 mod 1 WIP built on an A&K M249.   -Custom CNC machined barrel assembly -Custom CNC machined feedtray cover -Custom ABS 3D printed Mk48 trigger housing prototype

Firepower:           Echo1 M240 G&P M249 (mk46 mod0) A&K M60 (mk43 mod0)

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Its more the placement of the sights than the brand.

I didnt like the idea of having the original low FAL iron sights on the gun, when it was impossible to look through them because of my pressure switch and torch mount. So I went about removing them. I picked Troy Micros because I love Troy style sights, but thought the originals would sit uncomfortably high on the gun, so Troy Micros seemed like the natural choice.

DSA make a lower receiver with a RIS rail instead of a cutout for the rear sight, and I decided I wanted something similar. So I sat down one night, and with Google Sketchup, a pair of calipers, and my original rear sight, I designed a block that would sit in the cutout with a rail on top. I then sent it to Shapeways and had it printed. when the prototype arrived, I took further measurements, sent off for another, and it was pretty much spot on. I did some light dremeling to the underside of the block to get it to fit better, then araldited it in place:






The front sight was a bit simpler. I simply unscrewed the post out of the original front sight, and sawed the rest off. I bought a metal MOE rail, and luckily, one of the screw holes was perfectly lined up to the threads of the old front sight post. Even MORE luckily, the bolt that came with the rail screwed perfectly into the original hole!



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lol it fits fairly well. 

Edit: was purchased for a friend.  I just got 1 picture of it before I shipped it off to him, that happened to be the gun I felt like putting it on :P


That is not even tacticool.  How would one even operate the light momentarily?

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