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MK48 Mod 1    

Custom Mk48 mod 1 WIP built on an A&K M249.   -Custom CNC machined barrel assembly -Custom CNC machined feedtray cover -Custom ABS 3D printed Mk48 trigger housing prototype

Firepower:           Echo1 M240 G&P M249 (mk46 mod0) A&K M60 (mk43 mod0)

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My SLRs, from top to bottom:


Star SLR with real SUIT sight; King Arms SLR with the inaccurate carry handle replaced with a real one; King Arms FAL (bought before the other SLR replicas became available) modified to resemble SLR with several real parts including wooden butt & handguard & Hythe rear sight, other parts modified to resemble SLR pattern.



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Just a couple quick pics of the work I've done to my M4 S-System with FN M16A4 metal body kit. Added thumbhole stock.


Will get a better camera at some point though. I really need one!





Cheers! :)



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Quick heads-up for people, before this thread really gets rolling...


Please post your P90 and SCAR pic's in their specific threads rather than here.


It makes it much easier if people looking for pic's of FAL's, F2000 and whatever else don't also have to wade through squillions of pictures of P90s and SCARs here when they already have their own threads.


Thanks. :)

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I havnt had a chance to really test it yet, but for the little time i got to use it I was impressed. Range and accuracy are quite good for a stock gun, it can be stripped fairly quickly aswell which is a nice feature. Not really much more to say until ive put a few thousand more rounds through it.



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Love the F2000...i've heard users say G&G first generation guns have issues though, anyone confirm/deny this? In any event, WANT! HOw much are these running for?



Edit: What gearbox version is it? The JLS is a variation of V2 iirc. I would hop V6 but i doubt it...V6 gearboxes are beautiful, though.

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Coincidentally, the flying pig makes a return...




My JLS F2000 which I took to bits last christmas to make a few minor alterations to and I just got around to rebuilding it, along with a nice new OD paint job.


I wanted to put a new flash-hider on it (which I haven't yet done) and one thing led to another and I ended up fitting an M16 outer barrel to it, just to give me a 14mm -ve thread on the muzzle.




Chopped the receiver about a bit.

Opened up the ejector port (and then glued a lump of aluminium plate in behind the opening) and carved up the front in order to make it a more authentic shape.




I built a fake gas block out of an old biro and a CD box all glued to a chopped up M4 front sight then painted.

It's not perfect but it looks okayish.

Better than it used to anyway.




Family portrait.


Cheeky little FN logo stuck on stock to cover the hole left where a nasty sling mount used to live.

Also replaced all the screws with some allen bolts and finished it with OD and black krylon.


Oh, I hacked off the cast front sight too and then thought it looked a bit odd without a front sight so I made one out of a laser mount from a cheap springer.

It'll do until I can source a proper one.


If anybody spots a proper F2000 front iron sight for sale anywhere, I'd love to hear about it. :)



Oh, and it takes midcaps with no problems. :P

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