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Custom Mk48 mod 1 WIP built on an A&K M249.   -Custom CNC machined barrel assembly -Custom CNC machined feedtray cover -Custom ABS 3D printed Mk48 trigger housing prototype

MK48 Mod 1    

TM SCAR with rip off PMM parts  

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Star (Aussie/early Brit 3 hole) and KA (British fore grip) SLR fitted with genuine wood furniture & slings. ALL you ever add to need to an inch rifle :D






And before...




In the Project section of the boards I have a thread about the joys of fitting wood to a STAR L1a1





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They look great Red5! how hard was it to mod the wood stock, and pistol grip to fit the King arms L1A1?



The KA was already wearing the wood when I purchased it. However I'm led to believe that it's a much easier job to fit the stock. However it will still need to be hollowed out as for my Star build.


The pistol grips on both AEGs are the plastic ones that came with the rifle. They have just be filed down and painted to look like wood - the realgrip can't be hollowed out for the motor.


Both the stock and pistol grip are covered in my projects thread if you are interested in finding out more.



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Finally finished putting on the wood stock on my KA FAL. It was a rather simple process really, just cut the original stocks mounting block, cut the tang slot a little bit longer, and bored a hole for a Lipo- Stick battery to fit. The hardest part of the build was finding a screw that would fit, so I built my own.


Modified a 5/16"x8" Carriage bolt by boring a hole and tapping it for a 10/32 screw, which then screws into the receiver. The screw runs through the original hole in the stock for mounting to the RS version, works like a charm!



And all mounted up with the Israeli forguards. Since it was so easy to modify the stock I am probably going to pick up a blonde stock now so the Israeli grips match, then I will essentially have 3 guns in one, a modern(er) polymer stocked version, wood stocked, and Israeli FAl (minus the few slight differences the real Israeli FAls have from the FN versions)




And with normal wood handgaurds




I love it, it feels great, looks great, and now it smells great too! I have a metal buttplate coming in the mail, hope it arrives soon, as it will be the final piece of the externals on this gun.

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