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Beretta Picture Thread

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Hmmm it could be a silencer....odd one though. I have seen square ones before.



The original HK Mk23 silencers were square.


Let me introduce you to the silencerco Osprey, not exactly square but close, however no-where near as short as the Leon custom comp. A clone of this would make be buy something like a px4 (or M&P should one ever come out)





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How'd you keep the trades black?

I guess he used the "ink wash" technique: when you paint over trades, do it in as fine layers as you can, as to preserve the depth of the engravings as much as possible.

Get some water based paint in the desired and mix it with a lot of water; with an absorbing brush, fill the engravings with the paint-water mixture. Dont worry if you paint outside the markings: that's why you are using water based paint.

The water will eventually evaporate and leave some paint in side of the markings: Carefully whipe the excess paint around the markings with a wet cloth. Repeat 2 or 3 times until you are satisfied with the result.

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Western Arms Beretta 92FS 'Leon Custom'


With following upgrades:

- Prime CNC metal slide

- Prime CNC metal outer barrel

- Upgraded recoil spring



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Extraordinaire, I typically don't like PX4s but yours looks great!


Care to Share how you painted it?


Just the usual spray job using Rustoleum Dark Taupe. Since the trademarks are raised instead of being engraved, I just sanded the paint off of the trademarks carefully.



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