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Beretta Picture Thread

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I didn't know Shooters Design had started doing non-railed kits for the M9A1! That's interesting. I can't decide which I'd rather have - the added utility of the rail is undeniable, but the sheer style of the original should not be underestimated...

Go classic, non railed.  It is the most beautiful pistol ever made after all.

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I agree, when i fired the gun i was quite suprised with the soft recoil unlike tms newer line, even my px4 has a better snap to it.


Did you have the nozzle detent and spring pop out yet? I had it happen once and am not entirely confident in the method that is used to hold the spring in place.


I had to not install one "wing" on the blowback unit (the spring side)which causes some play in the blowback unit area. Were you able to install both sides that screw into the blowback unit?

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well my detent and spring keep in place, so no worries it might pop out


I had no problem install those 2 screws, I think the it's a tight fit with the slide but it does go in with some minor force


for my understand, you can only install one of the "wings", the one with the 2 screws, the other one are useless

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old skool bretta. the operatoriest choice


About 40k rounds through it? I lost count. Had it for 3 years now,gas venting piece of *suitcase* but It's never really failed me in combat and kicks like a mule.


Upgreyds yo:


TM nozzle

PDi W hold bucking

Unknown brand Piston head nozzle sealy thing

Unknown brand recoil spring

TM action bar

Unknown brand hammer

TM Various internal springs

some other shiet I cannot into remember




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Urgh. The non-railed 92-series is still the sexiest handgun in the world, IMO. A TM M9A1 in the Shooters Design non-railed kit is a dream gun of mine.



I just can't justify the price tag...even though I've spent more for things I want less, which is annoying. I hate how my brain works.

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