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Beretta Picture Thread

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Squad 701, have you notice the new nova kit actually tell you the glue the rear sight in :D


I got the 92G (Elite) silver ver today. I'll post pics when it's done, as always, lovely guns you have

And if you don't glue it on properly it will come flying back off with the force of the BBU, as there is a fair kick off it ;)


Best of luck with it, looking forward to seeing the photos.



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THE Nova kit are much better than the SD ones, took me about 3 hours (plus youtubing along the way) to finish, overall very solid and easy, everything is drop in, no mod is needed


As promised some crappy cel-phone pictures until I get some good pictures


Upgrades so far:

KM Stainless guide rod

KM Stainless sear and disconnector

9Ball dyna piston

Real Beretta grips (small mod needed on the right one, left side is drop in)

Guarder 150% recoil spring






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I think we talked about the price earlier in this thread.


My theory is simply because of all of the curves and smooth surfaces on the Berettas it takes more machine time and precision than many other metal kits, but that's just a guess of course.

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Why are kits for the M9A1 still so ludicrously expensive? The Shooters Design was $400, and the Nova is still a whopping $339. At least the Nova comes in a few different styles, I suppose.

The Nova Beretta kits are basically Prime quality, but as intended it was also made to be a skirmish-able pistol, so the black version was made with a matt-black finish to avoid easy scratching like on some of the more polished-slides.


The Silver kits including INOX and Elite are a real bargain if bought at the HK prices, as the bulk of these were made for export to Japan, but sadly most of these are sold out already, and a lot of the second batch didn't even make it online.

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thanks, I will post some pictures when I'm done

That turned out very nice ;)

I bet your very pleased with that, just need that toothpick for the safety red-dot :)


I still need to do a few finishing touches to both my Beretta's, nothing major or ultimately essential, but I will get the frame on the Ghost Island/HK3P Cerakoted and maybe try different springs on the INOX.


The Ghost Island Beretta 92FS with Steel-Slide and Barrel (QRP finish) was amazing value at $370, as it's one of the most realistic replicas I've seen and less than the price of a Shooters Design kit !

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yes I agree, the SD kit is just waste of $ at this point, was very surprised by the recoil last night, kick very strong, much harder than stock for sure, very pleased


I will try to get the Guarder stainless parts for it and try them on, I know for sure the slide release, mag release, take down button and take down lever will work after some minor mod, the trigger (need to enlarge the hole) and the trigger bar (need to cut a channel so the trigger spring can push against) will need more time to work on, but it'll work.


will post some nice pictures of the whole gun tonight :D

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the Marui one have the hex nut on the rear of the slide, cock the hammer and you will see the hex


then you just unscrew it, and wiggle the right side first, and then the left side, watch out for the little detent, it will probably fly out


Not sure about the WE since they have a fake firing pin

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