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Beretta Picture Thread

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My wife - the f are you building at three in the morning in the bathroom with a Dremel? Me - a weapon to surpass metal gear

Western Arms M9 with compensator

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As always 701 that is gorgeous.

Thanks Al, your kind thoughts are appreciated as always ;)


I hadn't planned on getting the Wilson Combat Beretta, but when I heard only 100 were being made and more than likely not due for rerelease due to licensing issues etc - I went for it, glad I did in the end.....

I've both Wilson grips, the brown version are supplied with the kit....

I can switch the OD grips to brown when I get bored.


The much delayed Nova Beretta Centurian kit was released this week, I didn't realise how popular this kit was.

So I decided to get one to finish off my Beretta collection, as it's the only size variation I haven't got.

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Unfortunate that they had to mess with the M9 GEN2 series with the full auto feature :(


The FA feature means you don't have any real half-cocked position on the hammer. I tried to "fix" it on one of my WE M9 GEN2s and it ended up being F/A only ;( 


WIthout that I would not have anything to add to the above statement.


But the machining, details and finish are amazing out of the box for the price on those WE M9 GEN2s for sure! :D


Love mine.

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