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My wife - the f are you building at three in the morning in the bathroom with a Dremel? Me - a weapon to surpass metal gear

Western Arms M9 with compensator

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Western Arms M9 NBB: so old I couldn't even Google it. Hell, I didn't even know it existed before it was handed over to me for repairs. But it just shows WA knew how to do it right from the start. I mean most replicas will look realistic, but this thing just looks real, period.


Sorry, I just saw your post. At first, you described a WA Accuracy Custom (no hop, fixed slide, etc.). I have an old stock listings that list an Accuracy Custom version and standard (sorry, I don't have a photo). It says the AC versions ship in a blue box while the standard in a black.


I believe yours might be the standard as I know all AC types had a special logo engraved on the trigger guard which your is missing (AC models were interesting as they came stock with tight bores and chrono'd higher than standard liquid charged guns of the time...much higher than the regular 0.7J limit). I think the finish you describe is the "Super Steel Type", part of their "Super Real Gas Gun Series". The AC's were released early 1993 along with their "Magna Blowback Series". The first listing I have for the M92 Magna Blowback is from December of 1993. Prior to 1993, I believe WA did not make a gas M92 (blowback or otherwise).


I hope this helps.

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madbull wouldnt be a good choice. their suppressors are lighter than they used to be, but they are still a tad heavy for pistols.


the trinity (and for that matter the blackside too) i have mounted to the HK3 PX4, both interfered with the guide rod and i couldn't cycle the slide. besides, the trinity is smaller than the one Riptide has mounted.

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