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Beretta Picture Thread

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My wife - the f are you building at three in the morning in the bathroom with a Dremel? Me - a weapon to surpass metal gear

Western Arms M9 with compensator

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Oh, forgot to post this:




Handed my incomplete project of this dolphin slided m9 to Brigg so he'd have something to do, plus, i was too lazy to finish it myself. This isnt its last itteration as he is trying to find a better frame as this one is from an old *albatross* kjw. But he did the work to re finish the slide after is was painted tan and i scraped most if that off with a knife.

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It is the Dolphin, a M9 that has been modified to operate like a Browning lock gun.


As you can tell by the fact that not many know about it, it was not very popular. :P


Plus Beretta themselves don't like the Browning lock, hence why they don't use it at all, unlike most other companies.



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yeah, it was also the original solution to the problem Berettas had when they were in military testing: broken slides. then Beretta just made them better.


i have an affinity for rare guns, they just appeal to me, so when i found a zeke kit up for sale, i had to get my hands on it. then had it for over a year and passed it onto a friend that had the capacity to finish it. same reason i bought a SAI glock slide and a metal tanaka SAA.

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A slide replacement for the M9 when the US started producing them in country with *suitcase* quality steel causing slide breakages. It never went went into proper production. I guess they realized it was easier to just use better steel...


snowman did a pretty informative article on them.



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We definitely need more Tokyo Marui M9A1 in this thread:










(You'll have to forgive the quality of the photos, I'm still figuring out the features of my new camera)


I'm looking for a drop-leg holster for this piece (with the M3X weapon light attached), & I'm considering the GUARDER Tornado Tactical Thigh Holster...


What do you guys recommend?

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