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KJW M9 Military: Man with the Golden Gun Review

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calm down mofo im guessing you didnt read it right, if you have nouthing good to say about someone dont say anything, last i looked this was a thread about an amazing looking m9 so unless your going to comment on it i suggest you dont post.


I take it you didnt read the topic very well either since you've failed to notice my question regarding the gilding proces earlier on.


We were all talking about a beatiful M9 and then someone posts "awesome, its like an M9"



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He was joking and using sarcasm, Serial. I understand that sarcasm is hard to detect online, especially when English is not your first language (I assume?).


You guys need to understand that this board is an international board and that not all people can pick up certain vernacular mannerisms. You guys have to understand that.


It's like how the thumbs up can mean a jeer or insult in the Middle East, but it's a good sign here.

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English is indeed not my mothertongue though i have been partly raised in both english and dutch.

I have taken and passed the Cambridge University certificate of proficiency in english (CPE) test so i wouldnt dare say my english is below average.


Besides, all i said was "no *beep* sherlock", its not like i called him names or anything. I just didnt think his comment was very funny and took it as being serious. Partially my bad i guess :)


Thanks Catchv22 for clearing it all up though :)

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wow!!! hats off to you man thats an amazing gun KJ never looked better (well it wouldn't take much) lol

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no *beep* sherlock...


Oo didn't notice this before.



Well, since you claim to be so very proficient in our language, surely you spotted the REST OF THE SENTENCE :rolleyes:


Awesome gun, it's like an M9 which is the coolest gun ever, + 100%


Lets work through this phrase so everyone can understand.


'Awesome gun' speaks for itself. Or does it? I thought my post was pretty clear... Awesome, an Americanism meaning 'great' or 'fantastic'. To be in 'awe' of 'some' thing.


'It's like an M9 which is the coolest gun ever, +100%'


Now for this part, I must concede i left out a comma. :( It should read-


'It's like an M9, which is the coolest gun ever, +100%'


My bad, but surely someone as practiced as you in our language could spot my pathetic mistake and allow for it in your reading of the post? Or did you feel you had to try and put me down for my mistake?


Lets break it down into clauses-


It's like an M9 <insert comma'd sentence> + 100%


So, here i state- It's like an M9 + 100%


The '+100%' is pretty obvious too, and I'm sure if you bothered to finish reading the post before jumping onto your Cambridge University Keyboard and trying to insult me, you would have become aware of the real meaning behind this group of words. '+100%' is referring to a regular M9 (which i have already proclaimed as 'the coolest gun ever' but + (PLUS, in addition...) 100%.


i.e- it is a 200% M9 -


M9 = 100% M9


+ 100% (for the gold and engraving) = 200% M9.


Therefore it is an 'awesome' M9, as it is worth at least twice a regular M9 in my view :)


Now do you understand the post?

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