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The Vainguard

Gauging interest for WA Steel Nozzle Tips and Chambers

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Hey Arnies, I know I'm a fairly new member here but I come today gauging interest for Steel Nozzle Tips and Chambers (For WA.) My buddy has been producing a limited number of Steel Nozzle tips for himself and his friends exclusively (Those aluminum and plastic just aren't sturdy enough!). He's been contemplating mass producing some and he wants to see if anybody would be interested in purchasing some, and knowing this would be the best place to see if anybody has interest I wold like to know your guys' feedback on this. The material would be Stainless steel, I've seen these nozzle tips in action, they're great and skirmishable. Last much longer than the RATech Aluminum.


And yes, Steel Chamber's are expected to be made as well.


Post away

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Thread move as per your request. Also, please note that you will need to seek consent prior to engaging in any commercial dealings here - we don't like unsolicited commercial postings here. :)


Edit: OP has requested thread be locked until he has reached the postcount to be able to have Commercial status (and operate commerically on the forums).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.


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