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I just got this last week and here is a mini review. I like unique and unusual guns so when this kit was announced I had to have one. The quality is very good, the texture of the plastic is nice and best of all everything fit without modifications. This is a kit and you get the folding shell, a new gas chamber block and selector switch. You need to use a g18c as a donor for the slide (and everything in it). You need to replace the gas chamber block (I don't know why) and the selector switch with the low profile one included in the kit. So I hope you still have that tiny Allen wrench to disassemble the G18c. The hardest part was taking the G18c apart and adding the new parts to it. Once that is done everything goes together nicely. The folding operation works perfectly, with the gun opening with a flick of the charging handle. Putting it back into the folding position takes a little more effort (you have to fold the front grip, the mag and then the stock). The top handle is removable to make the gun even more compact. The extended mag works great, I tried the standard G18c mag and it didn't work very well (didn't want to stay in the gun). You have to open the gun to get to the fire selector.



Very unique gun

Quality of the parts is good

Works as designed

very compact




Instructions are a little lacking

Is a kit and you need a donor G18c

Kind of expensive considering it's a kit

Need to buy the extended mag










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Wait, to get this straight - all you need is a G18C upper?


Yup, if you take a G18c upper off a gun that is all you need. The upper and everything in it (slide, gas block, inner/outer barrel, recoil spring, selector parts, etc.) also you need an extended mag. The Magpul FMG basically serves as the "bottom" half of the pistol.

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Looks lush but i thought this was said to be coming with a new outer barrel for the 18?


The kit I recieved did not have a replacement outer (or inner) barrel, so I used the barrel from the donor G18c. You could fit a barrel that is at least 2 inches longer than the stock G18c into the FMG.

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I inquired about the barrel last week while back in HK. Their original intent was to include a new extended outer barrel. Somewhere along the line, they chose not to include it as part of the kit. I think it was cost related. The barrel will be included at a future date.

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posted this in the news section but I guess it applies better here


Already found a minus on the FPG.

You cannot use the original floorplate of your standard short mag.

No problem, because there is a Magpul replacement let's call it FPG base plate. but only one.

So if you have more short mags you have a problem.

Secondly, you cannot use the magpul glock base plates that have been on sale the last years.


With the long mags, there is another problem.

You cannot close the FPG again with the normal baseplate.

Same with thing the Magpul glock base plates.

a normal short base plate wil probably work, as wel as the FPG base plate itself.


I'd say that is quite a bummer.:(


It does shoot very nice and the cycling is very good, and the fold out system is simply beautiful.

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If its a problem only relating to storage wouldnt you keep it primed with the original magazine and any reloads you do wont matter as the gun will be open already?


well yes, but not if you only have short mags.

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I received mine today. Wonderful piece of kit.

But still I think I got a lemon, lol. The latch keeping the toprail on broke.

It's located between the rear of the rail and the cheekrest.

I can still use it but it's quite a bugger for my 1st try on the FPG.


It happened like this:

- Unfolded the kit ( without G18c slide ) very fluently.

- Installed the slide ( the fireselector acted very stubborn )

- Folded the complete kit a bit less fluently ( I has to push it closed, but nowhere near forced it. )

- Unfolded the complete kit, heard a *clack*, and the top cover flipped open, piece of latch fell out.


I did not experience any difficulties installing the slide ( except with the fire-selector ).


Other that that bad luck, I really love the kit. Already cleared the whole house it it ;)

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Double post, too late to edit..


This is a mail I've just received from Rino's Airsoft:


Dear **************,


I am sorry to hear that your FPG part is broken. Don't worry, it's under factory warranty.

Magpul has sent us enhancement part of this specific item. However, we are in preparation of sending this part to all of our customer. I believe you have to wait for several days and we will send out this part to all of our customer all together.

But I promise to send it out early next week.


Thanks for your understanding and sorry for bringing you trouble.


Best Regards,



So far the best service I've ever gotten from an airsoftshop. And good to know the problem is known!


But now I have another problem...

I cant shoot bursts longer than 3-5 rounds in full auto before the fire selector returns to the disassembly-position.

I tried 2 full 50 rd mags with the slide on the original frame and it gave me no problems.

So the problem must be in the hammer compartment of the Madbul frame.


It seems a lever from the Fire selector assembly gets pushed up. I * Think * it's called a sear.

It doesn't seem worn and I only have it for 3-4 months, so...


Anyone have an idea?



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it could be a problem with the sear

i have a ksc glock with the same problem the full auto sear is worn out to the point where it cant grab the hammer it still works fine in semi auto (they have 2 different sears)

i would recommend contacting magpull about this problem it can be a construction error,ther is only a small part of the sear that holds back the hammer so a slight deformation can cause this problem

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Yes it looks like it. The sear does look even more worn than my G18c frame ( weird :s for a new gun ).

I contacted Rhino Airsoft about this, too, but my mail won't work 'till saturday. I'll keep you all informed, you never know it's a known problem with new FPG's


thanks for the reaction anyway

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I received 2x FPG's from Redwolf and one latch was broken upon inspection & the other has stress cracks in it!!! I managed to repair both but I am curious what the replacement parts are like & where I can purchase them? I have yet to hear back from Redwolf on this issue!


Here are a few pics:













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