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Yours definitely had wobble. And it has since been fixed. Who else's has been confirmed to have wobble? Because out of the 3000 units sold so far, yours is the only one that I'm aware of that has been

I like how me pointing out the obvious in my last post has garnered a negative rep. LOL. Haters gonna hate.

I Lol'd at all the fanboys who had to have this must have aeg. To be honest it seems as if youy have all been taken for a ride. My A&K Masada with systema gearbox *suitcases* all over this ares ab

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Thank for the heads up with the sling mount. Sorry for the confusion but it's my first AEG and consequently my first sling so I don't want to chuck money around unnecessarily but nor do I want a sling that I can't fit because I'm missing something. I gather that it wont fit through the existing sling plate on the Masada then.

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Thanks guys, I like it! I've got virtually every gun I need in that case. Just waiting on the ACOG but the AFG arrived earlier so it is now looking closer to my sig picture than ever!


The barrel snd suppressor i got for £140 fron HK. The RIS unit is going to be a permanent edition I think as an accessory but as leftyflip said the DE suppressor is limited edition I don't know how many though; I thought it was about 500-1000 units. Adding everything for that one gun puts the total at around £850 Inc case and optics!!


Oh, stuck with standard hop rubber but might chuck an element one in there when I can get round to it.

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A few notes on the 11.5.


-Don't crank it all the way in, I did this and had NO power, seems like it squished the lip on the bucking and negated the air seal, lightly locking it down seemed to work for myself and another user.


-Hop-Up, the bucking on these are garbage, my 14.5 can over hop even .27s into the stratosphere, but these struggled to fling a .27 flat at 25m. Another users was even worse resulting in struggling to properly hop even .2s.


-Accuracy, once set properly I'd say it was just as accurate as the 14.5 out to 25m.

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Also, the 11.5 i have was absolutely filthy inside. In fact i though i saw a BBC film crew doing a documentary on the origins of life from primordial slime in there! The other thing was that the inner wasn't quite centred in the outer; it was canted to the left so that needed sorting too.


A few more photos of it all neatly squared away!









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Hey phil, I know it is an inconvenience but next time you have that out, can you check something for me? Would a battery that is 168mms long fit in the railed hand guard nicely or would it stick out of the front? If not would a battery that is 19x15mm thick battery fit? About to order my batteries for the coming projects and I may be able to use 1 set of batteries for 2 guns if the length on that first one is ok..

Anyway thanks! it looks really good, can't wait to get mine lookin about the same!

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