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hey guys, can anyone tell me what exterior upgrade parts have gone onto this M14?







it looks like a g&p m14 sniper RAS http://redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/...il?prodID=20854


with the king arms flash hider and silencer



hope that helps,



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Anyone know what sort of outer barrel i would need to use on my m14 to get it so that the flash hider and the barrel are small enough, sort of resembling a socom-look.

what about the Laylax (First Factory) M14 'Real' Short Outer Barrel that is on zero one?

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*dons flameproof suit*


So I find myself tempted to stick this to a low rear mount on my SOCOM. It may actually suck, I don't know, no one seems to have bought one in the history of ever and then spoken of it.


My concern is the size of the thing; back end looks pretty short. I don't think it'll come far beyond the rear iron sight. Anyone had any eye relief woes trying to use small scopes with the M14? Skimming through the thread I have noticed ACOGs (and may the lord strike me down but I kinda like how they look on the old girls), are they optical ones or just red dots?

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Remove the metal C clip in front of the bolt handle, once thats off the heatshield should just lift off.




Unscrew the gas cylinder plug, unscrew the gas cylinder lock, slide the gas cylinder away from the front band, slide the front band away from the heatshield and then slide the heatshield off of the barrel. If you have no idea what Im talking about, look at this diagram. http://www.chestnutridge.com/14pic.asp .


I take the handguard off the way I just wrote because I find it easier.

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