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M14 Picture Thread

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i'm waiting for replica mcmillan m2a stock.


Finest stock ever made for the M14/M1A...granted, I've only used 3 different stock, but hey why not. It makes a crappy shooter into an instant marksman...like resting your face on warm set of t.its. It was a pain to install and had to get it done by a pro. Back to airsoft, the problem I see is that the angle of the motor would make it impossible for it to work. I haven't seen the airsoft SAGE stock in person and no idea how that worked out, but in RS it's radically different from M2A. It'll look a bit disfigured, like the airsoft E2 stock (the neck is a bit fatter).


I too am interested in what the folks over at HK will introduce (I'm sure they will make something)...we shall see!

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Absolutely no way! They've even covered the floor of the bridge in anti slip chicken wire just for you! ;) And remember an EBR has far more tooth destroying metal than a standard M14 :D


how thoughtful of them and i now have anti slip boots. maybe a bit late but it will prevent further accidents involving my teeth.


dammit i want to go and own n00bz with my M14!!!!

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Simply gorgeous..... :o


What wood kit is that may I ask? I have one inbound from BoomArms and will be working to make it look as good as your does!




Well, the M14 started out as a G&G M14 Veteran but to make the wood stock look like walnut, G&G put a type of brown paint on the wood, which looked like ###### after some of the paint started to come off. I hated the look of the paint coming off so I scraped off the paint, which took a few hours, then stained the wood. I also switched the cheap plastic handguard it came with for a USGI one which is a bit darker brown. Some of the parts like the buttstock, stock liner screws and rear buttstock swivel are real M1A parts. Overall I am very happy with how my M14 came out.

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