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M14 Picture Thread

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New Pictures of my CA M14, Got my Bipod Mount today so now its got a Bipod!!!




Rofl I just realized that the fire selector in both shots is midway between Semi and Auto. The reason is the fire selector my father and I made doesnt exactly click into place each time. Thats ok, because it works once its in the firing position it stays pretty tightly.



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altho i love big scopes, i find them a little usless in airsoft. your not going to be shooting someone from 800 yards away so a red dot or a cheap long scope should do it.


im pretty sure any scope that's over 4X is too much


4X is perfect, it's quicker to aim and actually USEFUL for airsoft.


seeing that ur average "hit" occurs btwn 30 to 90 feet

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...power will certainly make a difference (as with any gun)


Not really, it will just get to its max range range quicker then lose all accuracy. Ive just down graded my m14 from 470 to 330 and the only difference i have noticed is the slower travel rate of the bb. Range has not been effected at all.

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yeah, what is that law from physics class again?


"Objects in motion tend to stay in motion"....."until they find my wide butt on the battlefield and then they tend to hit me square in the a$$!"


...or something like that










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That's all well and good, but nothing is that simple. Yeah in a perfect world were nothing would effect a projectile, it would stay in motion. But it's not :(


A bb isn't exactly aerodynamic and it's natural flight path is to nose dive! (try taking you nib out of your hop unit and you will see what i mean). It still goes the same distance, it just gets there faster and then accuracy is out of the window and random variables take complete control (meaning weather/environment ect).


It is a common misconception that adding FPS will automatically equal more range, there are simply too many other factors. 328-500fps range is practically the same (over that i have no idea as that is my countrys legal FPS limit).


If you want to be enlightened and find out more, search this forum there is so much info here, some with semi scientific tests(!) that support what i am saying. And i will leave it there ;)


Any way back on topic;


G&P make a 7mm reinforced gearbox but i haven't got any experience with it, but it should be able to cope with it considering it's claiming to be 'reinforced ;)

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