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M14 Picture Thread

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Was bored so was playing around with my camera, unfortunately I'm no photographer. Took some updated pics of my M14. I got a decent scope on it now, my previous one was a cheap BB gun scope that had a cracked lens. I think I can finally say I am done buying accessories for my M14.





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so I bought my soc 16 yesterday  :D


it's in the shop right now getting upgraded though so i don't have any pix yet. I'm trying to decide on a color scheme for it, any suggestions?


i'm learning towards a woodland or mixed OD with pattern type of paint job.


Stay with a Green/Dark Brown/Dark Tan/Light Green scheme... try and get more of the dark tan and light green in there so that you get a fairly neutral coloration yet very natural, remember do not use a stencil as solid lines highlight the object not camo it. Good luck on it, ohh one other suggestion, just paint the stock and the handguard, dont paint the barrel reciever and butt cap please :)

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Can anyone recommend a good sling for the M14? ie one theyve had/have


I need something so i can sling it out of the way if im chucking a grenade etc but needs to be comfortable.


Thanks in advance

(ill add a pic of my socom to this thread soon)

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Just my AGM with custom engraved trades. 18 euros 25$) at a jewelery 200 meters from my house.

Flash makes 'em look flat, but they are engraved like the real deal and filled with paint.

I never cared about trades much, but once I had this blank M14... I HAD to do it.


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