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M14 Picture Thread

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good to see that zip tie....is it used for showing that the gun was chronod and is feild legal....


nice gun bud



Thanks, The tie was actually handed to me by the guy who did the upgrade work. It was a little hot for the game so it never saw the field chrono.:whistling: I only used it in Semi so I felt it was no big deal. I don't condone that for full-auto guns BTW. It's the first version gearbox too, for all you naysayers.

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A simmons (the only scopes I buy ( or the only ones I can afford that arent crappy :))


It is adjustable 3x to 9 x and has a 30mm objective


I'm quite pleased with my Leapers Scope, even though they are the "######" scopes that you're refering to, they work fantastically and I have no issues with them. At the current it beats my Guarder Aimpoint simply because the 4x32 requires NO batteries (I left my Guarder on all night... batteries died :( )


I'll get some better pics soon, I'm just feeling kinda lazy :)


I still think we need an M14 Brotherhood section in the team forums :)

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Well it cant be too terribly implied if you caught on so fast :)


Lol fine fine you win this time... Anyone else think we need a subforum in the "teams" section of Arnies for the Brotherhood?:)


EDIT: I'm thinking about PMing arnie and askin for it, but we need to know who the Mods will be. . . .

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Those wood ones are amazing. To a certain degree, you almost can't tell them from RS. Vivid congratulations.


I just noticed I never added a couple images of mine (TM-M14) with the wooden stock and a couple foolish add ons.








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The wood M14 in my pictures is actually real steel.


Solo, lovely looking rifle, hat's off to you!




did it take much work to get the real steel stock to fit the m14?



btw, yours and vietmarine's are the two most real looking ones ive ever seen

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Solo, very nice gun indeed. I've always wanted to have that damn CAW beech wood stock, and your pictures really didn't make me feel any easier since I just emptied my account for Guarder RPK kit.


Have you ever had a chance to compare your beech stock to walnut wood?

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