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M14 Picture Thread

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seth777, the ProArms stock is just slightly thicker at the grip than the TM stock. Maybe about 1 or 2mm. I sold my TM stock so I can't measure them against each other.

I've never had anything like that, and I've taken mine down countless times. Maybe something small is getting in the way preventing the receiver from seating correctly.


Anyway how about some pics of mine :D




I painted what was supposed to be tiger stripe, but it turned out a bit differently then intended.




As you can see I performed the bolt lockback mod on it.




The scope is Simmons Blazer 3-9X50 . I get an excellent FOV, good lense clarity, and good low light use (becuase of large objective lense.) All for under $60. Quite a deal really.


Anyway, peace out I'm going to bed.

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Evert 72, don't feel bad. US gear is much nicer anyway and more "street credible" these days :)





Can someone with one, confirm what I need to attach a Harris bi-pod to a TM M14, my understanding was you needed a bolt or something to attach it to, but someone here I think said it should fit straight on.


Anyone confirm either way?

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It fits into the hole in the stock, the top nut sits inside the stock, and the sling/bipod end sits on the other side, you twist it into place, don't overtighten as you may split the stock, when it hits resistance take it slow. Worked great for me.

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How? my Sanyo 8.4V 3600 mah cannot even go into that hole for the bettery.


Alright here is how I get mine in every game. Take the end without the wires and put it in first with all the wires out of the hole... Plug in the connector and push the fuse into the gaps on the bottom and top so that the fuse, and connectors are on top of the hole. My Sanyo fit in very snugly but it does fit.

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I am now part of the bro-hood






with a freind:



i have a question though, how do you clear out the stock a little to make a bigger battery fit, mine doesnt quite make it all the way in ( 8.4v 3300mah)



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I currently have a 3300 mah in mine, it was put in by completely removing the metal butt plate. You take off the butt plate by removing the two flat head screws under the thingy that pops up. Their the only two screws so you shouldn't miss them.

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