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M14 Picture Thread

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I never took the time to figure out how to remove the heatshield :/


Removing the heatshield isn't too difficult.


1. Pull down the rear of the trigger guard and remove the trigger guard assembly.

2. Carefully remove the stock.

3. Pop off the clip on the rear of the heatshield (use something like a screwdriver as a lever) and remove it.


Step 1 and 2 might not even be necessary.

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It's an M3 replica with a sunshade. I might take the sunshade off though, depending on what difference it makes.


Edit: Shroomalistic - I think any M3 replica would look great on it, I think they're the best looking scope for an M14. Normal scopes look ok too though, if you don't want to spend $80+ on a scope.


And any Aimpoint would look good too, Guarder, G&P or KA and that's probably in order of quality. I might get a G&P aimpoint for my M14 at some point, depends on funds at the time though...

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My precioussssssss. :)


Sorry, cause I may be asking something stupid... But when you covert an m14 like that, where does the battery go?


Just cause, I think it looks cool and I may like to do that to mine.


Although, still needs to get here from Japan...


EDIT: Also, I'm on my friends account thing. He went home and left it on, so I carried on browsing arnies on his thing and posted forgetting i wasn't on mine. I am Money Bags.

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