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Bell MP5j GBB

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Firstly, I can't review for toffee, so here's my initial impressions


Not had a chance to fire the damn thing yet so that part is yet to come.


Those of you familiar with the Maruzen MP5k will know it well and its shortcomings:


Leaky mags

takes some upgrading to get it reliable

all plastic

expensive and (now) rare mags

the nozzle likes do destroy itself

Blowback mechanism requires a washer to make it work right

<50rd magazines

fast cooldown effects

fires from open bolt when the real steel is a closed bolt system.



high rate of fire

great sound

rock solid (as mentioned)



Well have pretty much taken their clone of the MP5k, whacked on an A series frontend and a J type stock. The lower receiver is plastic but the entire upper is metal. Combined with the already chunky mags its a bit more weighty than your average AEG MP5j. Another thing I like about this is that it copies the Maruzen in its pistol grip, where its thinner than an AEG. The selector switch is far superior to any AEG selector as it has a very definite click. Also, if its anything like my Maruzen, it won't fall apart after five minutes. Bell have also supplied a spare nozzle (doesn't give me confidence) but I'm pretty sure this will take the Guarder reinforced nozzle.


Looking at the front-end its a pretty standard affair. Three prong muzzle along with the shrouded 14mm ccw thread. The cocking tube is the same as the mp5k, but longer. The stock is somewhat wobbly, I'll probably replace this but it won't fall out any time soon.


You would be silly to field it as a main weapon, but it could be a fun sidearm/secondary.



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Have you taken measurements of the front? Would it fit a China-made MP5 RIS/RAS front-end? The news-thread had some speculation that the normal-size MP5 bits (stock, front.end) wouldn't fit.


Why not as a primary, too untrustworthy, or something else?

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I've not tried swapping out any furniture yet.


Did have a dry fire of this last night, not sure whether it was the mag or the gun, but sometimes it wouldn't cycle. Looks like this needs the same modifications as the Maruzen.

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I was able to work on one of these at the field I work at last Saturday. It is a weighty gas gun indeed. When working, the gun shot far enough to play as a primary weapon. It does fire extremely fast though so the bbs go bye bye a bit quick. I used it on Semi and it worked nicely. Near the end of the day, however, the gun started shooting one round, then jamming up. I had never taken one of these down before and I didnt want to (since it was not mine), but the guy asked me to and I did. The guys gun came with two nozzles (like they expected it to break...), and I noticed right away, the one that was in the gun moved freely and did not spring back. I then noticed that the small extended part of the top of the nozzle that makes contact with the spring had sheared off. I replaced the old with the new nozzle and it worked perfectly! Auto and semi functioned flawlessly. I think this is a major flaw of the gun though. The nozzle is far too weak for extended automatic use. Otherwise from what I saw and shot, the gun performed satisfactory for woods games (although not as well as a long rifle aeg of course.)

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Received my two MP5J's yesterday, and 8 spare magazines on Wednesday.


Initial notices:


- Not a single one of the mags leaked yesterday testing. Need to check how they hold up, and I just might have been lucky.

- I could swap front furniture easily. Managed to put a Guarder Large Handguard on without a problem. But swapping back to original handguard, the original handguard started to flex a bit when gripped tight.


The handguard issue seems to indicate a good chance for RAS fit, need to order one and check. If it won't fit this, I can always put it on my MC51.


Stock was a bit wobbly, otherwise the guns felt nice and solid in the hands.


Oh, and one gu managed to take a TM G3/MP5 quickmount for optics, but the other as too tight a fit. And removing the mount was a bit of pain.

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Well, woodland skirmish report follows.


I think I need to give the magazines about 4/10 for now, had some issues feeding. The gun was loud enough to be a deterrent to the little sprouts, though.


Fresh green gas might help with the feeding, as would some more detailed maintenance of the magazines with a bit of file and sandpaper. One magazine fell on a rock and developled a leak in the joint area, but that's to be expected, not many magazines would have taken that sort of impact.

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