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FS: Windows 7 Professional (Digital River, Full Retail)


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Hey guys I have a license key for Windows 7 Professional for sale.


It was bought as a digital download from "Digital River" around launch time of Win7 but I don't need it anymore so my loss is your gain.


This is NOT an OEM version or an "Ultimate Steal" version it is a full license key, as if you were to walk into Future Shop or Best Buy right now, go to the software rack buy it and take it home (for like a computer that).


I want $150 (CAD) for it (Like 100 GBP, 110 EUR, or 150 USD). Consider that it retails for $330 (CAD, taken from Futureshop.ca website) this is practically a steal.


I accept Paypal (I'll absorb any fees since I'm not making any other payment options available). Not looking at trades ATM but lets see what you have and I'll think about it. Sorry since I'm in Canada I can only accept non prohibited items (ie. no guns, receivers, pistol frames or certain accessories like suppressors, certain types of mags, or restricted/prohibited length pistol slides).


Once I receive funds I will send the License key to you and the link to the digital river website that I was given (.iso link, you need to use something like Alcohol 120% or ImgBurn to burn it to a CD and make it bootable). If you don't know what Digital River is, it's basically a digital content delivery system akin to Valves "Steam Powered" system. If you have any problems I can offer support (I am a BASc. Computer Science / GIS student) and in the worst case refund money (minus pay pal fees).


I will GUARANTEE that it has not been used (since it has been sitting in my e-mail inbox and hasn't been printed out or anything), if it has been used I will refund all monies (as paypal gift, minus initial paypal fees). I will also give my contact info to the buyer as prescribed by the "Read this First - Sales Rules" sticky.

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Bumping this with a price drop. (Complying with "sales thread" rules on this site)


I need to get rid of this NOW! Price drop is to BELOW US OEM pricing. Now $129 that's $10 savings against US OEM pricing.


You can check on newegg, link to the right --> (Win7 Professional OEM the price is $139 as of date of posting)


So here's the deal, not only do you get a FULL RETAIL LICENSE but you get it at $10 BELOW OEM PRICING!


If dealing with your local currency (USD/EUR/GBP whatever, please use conversion rate from local currency to CAD (as reported on XE.com) and round to nearest whole dollar (up or down)). So for example right now if you're British you would pay me 84 GBP, if you use Euro you would pay me 101 EUR, if US 129 USD, etc.


Also, as of now USD to CAD is at about parity so I will accept USD at face value (unless something goes significantly up or down in which case standard conversion rules will take effect).


Also, I have linked to me ASC (Airsoft Canada) trader rating. Link is to the right --> **CLICK HERE FOR ASC TRADER RATING**

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