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Not ver good, but here is the translation provided by google.


News of Airsoft.dot.at

Author: Scaar


Whereupon we had to wait for a long time: G&G announced a Metal Body for Tokyo Maruis Psg-1 on their Chinese Website. The Body will be from the Lightweight material, which already used G&G for M4 Bodies. A normal G3 and AK Metal Body are to likewise follow. Release: In the middle of April 2004.



Likewise in April the MSG90 is to appear stick, suitably for the complete Tokyo Marui AEG G3-Serie.


Either the news guy got the years all wrong or this is old news and they simply didnt hit the market

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That's written by Gregor. The PSG1 body has been on the go at G&G for a good bit now. Rough translation: "listed on Guay's Chinese website a new metal body for the TM PSG1. The body is built of a lightweight material, same as that found on G&G M4 bodies. G3 and AK metal bodies to follow. Set for release April '04"


..my German is a tad rusty, but that should be about right. I have a feeling that Gregor translated my news post in April 04 into German, hence it's so familiar. ;)

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