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Testing new chat facility

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I'm testing a new chat add-on for the forums. We currently have an IRC chatroom, however this is powered by our forums. You can access it by the "chat" link at the top of the forum or here:



Only 5 people can get in there at a time for the moment however if the trial and feedback is good we'll get a license to allow 20, 50 or up to 250 in there at a time.


Let me know what you think of the feature, if it's liked and used it'll stay, otherwise we'll stick with the IRC option. :)

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I'm obviously biased, but I prefer access to a dedicated IRC option. This enables the use of a variety IRC clients, which means we do not need to rely on a browser / java for access, and which grants access for Android / Iphone users on the move.


Although the java functionality of a chatroom makes it accessible for first time and occasional users, the majority of members on the IRC channel are regulars who use dedicated IRC clients due to the superior functionality and the fact that it's a dedicated client.


If you really want this function also, that's great, but I suspect this will face a lot of resistance from the regulars and that it will result in a bit of a split with the regulars who socialise on the chat feature staying on IRC, and the chatroom being used by beginners who find it increasingly hard to get the instant answers to their questions that they expect, if all of the regulars refuse to use the new section.

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