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Virus warning on arnies homepage

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Hmm.. I just got a virus pop-up now. The HTML string is not to the Arnie's site itself, but i think to an ad or something. I cant remember the address as the window wasn't there long enough for me to get a good look, but it ended in .cc



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I can confirm that - I use Avira too. But the message says something about a generic HTML virus, which is very unspecific. But since I get similar messages from simple .vbs scripts I made myself, this will surely be a false positive. Maybe some cookie generating code on the front page?

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I get the warning with avast! i get the same warning on vietnamairsoft.com and know one seems interested in fixing it, i get the same warning on the work computer, home computer and my laptop, according to an internet search its code on the website thats been hacked, makes websites with it almost un usable.

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Got it again, this time i managed to take note of the information.





Object: ms.diarmuid.co.cc/stats.html


Infection: URL:Mal


Action: Blocked


Process: E:\Opera\Opera.exe





Avast antivirus.

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