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Spartan XV

MacBook Pro 15'

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I took this in to the apple store to get it fixed becasue it had a problem with the logic board. When I got there the genius told me that the repair would most likely not be covered under warranty and it would take him a few days to figure out how long it would take to get the part and then install it. Well, I had final papers and presentations to do and if i was going to have to pay for it to be fixed I wasnt going to, so I decided to buy a bone stock iMac. Well it turns out it was covered under warranty and I just got this back from service, they replaced the logic board and put a brand new battery in it. It has Microsoft word 2008 installed on it. Comes with the original box, the power adaptor, and a remote. I have the original receipt if you want to see it.


Heres the specs

2GB 667 DDR2 SDRAM - 2x1GB

Glossy Display

120GB Serial ATA Drive @5400 rpm

2.33GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

SuperDrive 6x (DVD+R DL/DVD+RRW/CD-RW)


If you want to video chat or something with me so that I can walk you through whatever you want to see to make sure it works to your liking is fine with me.


I'm asking $800.


Heres a picture.


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