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FN SCAR Picture thread

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On my SSR I'm using a Guarder 3 Point Tactical Sling http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/product_detail1.php?search_From=category&item=GD-CG-S02BK&search=category&rs=Slings&catid=4&cat=111 (attached at the front most and rear receiver points). Once I'd finally got some help on how to use the thing, it works well and I'm able to carry the weapon slung and once in contact unclip the sliding buckle to go to an almost single point config (not that I do reaction side transitions with the SSR in the DMR role).


I use keyrings on all my SCARs on the sling points, but have (with a fair bit of patience and struggle) put a decent quality electrical heatshrink on them, which deadens noise and stops them shining. The sling points are a bit of an achilles heel on the SCARs IMHO as whilst there are loads of them, they are too small for most slings clasps/carabinas.

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In response to slings I second a BFG vickers sling, just make sure it's the padded version. I'm also making my own version of the S&S sling with 1.5" webbing and will let you know how that works as so far the S&S sling works great except that it's thin and digs into my shoulder.

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D-Boys Scar-H


Picked this up as an early christmas present before it went out of stock on ASGI. (Got the base aeg for $130!)


Anyone have experience with the Magpul aftermarket selector switch? I'm really disliking the one on this, I feel like I'm going to break it off every time I disengage the safety.


Cool, how did you manage to use PMAG 20 LR in SCAR ?

Was there a rib inside the magwell like VFC's SCAR-H and is now removed?

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Hi all,


Here's a new pic of the SCAR SSR with a few changes:




T1 instead of the previous red dot - easier to acquire and less transition time from the specter

Zenith Ergo grip chopped and shaped to fit and more closely match the RS pics from Shot Show a year or two back

Magpul selectors

Butler Creeks on the Specter


Not so visible:


The receiver and gearbox are new and semi auto only at ~445fps - means I can switch out for the ~340fps receiver dependant on site rules/operating mode.

O-rings on the bipod articulation bolts/pins to tighten it up and deaden noise


To do:


MOSFET - the semi-auto only box really needs this I feel as I am getting the occasional lock-up when the cycle finishes in the wrong place - will probably go for one of the AWS trigger block replacement types due to the space restrictions (if anyone ever stocks the thing again ;) ).


This rifle is pretty much how I want it now apart from a fixed sniper stock - I am getting a CNC machine sometime this year so unless I find one on the market somewhere I'll probably make my own.


Oh and accuracy - using the semi-auto box and 0.25 and 0.28's I was hitting a head sized target at the far end of my local range (45 metres) about 80% of the time in light wind. I have also skirmished the ~340fps setup and whilst that was doing a little better than my SCAR-L, the only major advantage was keeping peoples heads down if they saw me pointing in their direction ;)


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