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FN SCAR Picture thread

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current state of my VFC, waiting on the atlas bipod clone to come out as at $200 the real one is too expensive for airsoft purposes.







Stealth Mosfet

Seigetek gearset

highspeed motor of somekind

sorbo pad


Novel Arms Tac One 12424 IR w/ Doctor replica and mount

Element Peq-15 clone


1.5J hitting man sized targets at 285ft w/ .28g BBs.

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They are already available. And cheap. I thought some of You might want to know...



I already have one here. It's very cheap. not the best rail, but for that money it's a bargain.

The stock adapter however is a PITA to install. Managed to get it on a 2nd hand Dboys after dremeling a lot.

Won't install that rail though, I have different plans for this Chinese Scar.

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I have a PWS rail already (and have for a few years)... take a look up a few posts, was merely asking if madbull's was available.

Yeah, I know. I just loosely refered to Your previous post...

It's just in case You meant mine in Your last ;).

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