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FN SCAR Picture thread

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Agian curious, do you plan on doing the trades as FN does or just the generic kind you see on airsoft SCARs?


what do you mean? the FN Scars with trademarks are complete....for example the WE Scars with trademarks look exactly like the real FN Scar.

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I'm yet to see any pics of real steel trademarks but I'm open to enlightenment...




I think there is a misunderstanding on both sides.


I thought shift thinks there is more than "FN HERSTAL BELGIUM" on a Scar. So I replied that thats it, there is no logo there is nothing more than that.

The airsoft scars with trademarks are the same as the real ones...

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My bad, sorry. I got the civi and mil SCAR trade marks mixed up.







Though yeah, most airsoft trade marks are accurate to the military version so you should go with that. My chairsofting skills have been off lately





Better view of the civi trades





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My little CA SCAR-H. Before...





After. :D


Stock's a VFC fitted by a local (airsoft)gunsmith, Blackwolf, very nicely fitted.






Painted the lower with Krylon's awesome flat black, only removed the tan applied by its previous owner on the upper, it looks somewhat blued, though less than the actual photographs seem to show, the flash aggravates the effect by a ton. The reason I didn't paint the upper...




Gorgeous little intact trademarks underneath the old paint layer. Such a round serial number. :D


Oh yeah, the bright yellow, you can blame that on the idiotic Portuguese laws. 10 cm from the muzzle backwards and the entire stock -- nevermind the fact that certain guns don't have a stock (any bullpup). Sigh.


Left side's a bit botched as I tried to apply some satin varnish on it, only to realize the layer was far too thick and making the gun look 'white', so I just hastily removed it. Right side of the lower is pristine-perfect.

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