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Right basically i've ordered some stuff from WGC back in February, one of which was a "First Factory Stock Base for G3 Series" (#FF-ACC-SBG3).


When I ordered it was in stock, then after i'd paid for it they told me the stock base was out of stock, so i asked that it be sent to me when they got it back in stock.


And thus started the months of emails asking them basically if they had it in stock and if not when.


And to now, they've sent me an email basically saying this:


Dear Victor


So sorry , it seem that the First Factory supplier also hasn't got the

Stock Base for G3 Series # FF-ACC-SBG3 in this season . We suggest you

to use the store creidt in next order .


Thank you very much .



I then email them back to ask for a refund and then they send me this:



Dear Victor


Hello ! We will charge 5% handling fee in the refund . Would you mind

to keep it in store credit and use in next order ? This is more easy :)


Thank you .


Now this really really annoyed the *fruitcage* hell out of me.


I can't have the stock since they can't get it, and now they want to charge me me 5% to refund me?




now that can't be right can it? can some one advise me what to do? should i open a dispute with paypal?

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Me? I'd order something else with the store credit.


I can see where you're coming from, but the 5% handling fee on refunds is fairly common and is covered in their FAQs IIRC. You don't really have a leg to stand on in this case, I'm afraid.


It's pretty out of order that most retailers take your money up front for items they don't have in stock, then somewhere down the line they turn around and say "Oh, sorry, we can't get more stock" - they really should only bill you prior to dispatching the order. But hey, what can you do?


I'm sure you could find some other stuff from WGC that you want. If you need help, well, I need a box of 5 King Arms 45-round AUG magazines (the ones with the fake bullets in them) before the end of July... ;)

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Do you have a strong order history? If you have one, do as I do and tell them:


"If you don't give me 100 percent my mother *fruitcage* money back in 24 hours I will never order *suitcase* from you again"


^ And I swear this has worked with redwolf, UNCO, ehobby and WGC.


Just make sure you mention you have been shopping with them for ages.

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im in two minds atm whether i should hang on till they do get it in stock and then ask them to ship it or just get the refund and see if i can't get it else where


EDIT: just emailed them asking if thers any chance they can get it. we'll see...

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It's worth remembering that Chinese trade laws and especially distance selling regulations are very different to those here in the UK.


I'm sure they're not deliberately being difficult, things are just different there and they don't really understand where we're coming from. Plus the language barrier doesn't help, either.


If you don't get any joy by emails, the last time I had a problem with a HK retailer I actually phoned them and was able to resolve the issue once I was able to actually talk to the people at the other end (once I found someone who spoke fairly decent English) and explain things.

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