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Reviewed: MAG 190 Rnd Metal M16 Midcaps

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This is my first review, so let's see how it goes biggrin.gif





MAG M16 190 Rds Metal Midcap



MAG are a fairly new player in the airsoft scene, but seem to be winning friends all over the field with their offerings. They have the reputation of being high quality, with great capacity, but also at a decent price. Based on a lot of good words, and previous experience with their P90 mags I decided to take the plunge and buy 2 boxes of 5.




The magazine itself looks good. I always feel a metal magazine just looks a whole lot better than the plastic counter parts. There is a nice weight to each mag, which gives that more realistic feel too. Metal midcaps always get my vote, as they prevent splitting and standard up to a lot more abuse! Unlike many mags, these are a grey colour - certainly not black.





Here is where MAG really work their magic, and in my view really excel from the competition. The construction of the magazine inners seem very study. Plenty of screws in the right places, which keeps everything in place as it should be.



However, the real party piece is the 190 capacity. This is crazy, this is a midcap which is almost the same capacity as a high cap - with no rattles or winding! As some magazines real capacity seems to be a bit lower than advertised, I counted how many it holds with ease. The answer.... 189 with almost no effort on 1st fill! Taking a look inside, we can see just how they manage to squeeze so many BB's into one mag. The BB's there are for show, as this is normally double stacked.



With any airsoft item, the key to things working when you need them is good maintenance. There cannot be an easier magazine to work on than the ones by MAG. In the past I've tried to rebuild/lube magazines from the likes of S. Arms. Almost impossible to get the spring round the inside and sealed back up! With these (and the P90 mids) you can remove/insert the spring with the magazine built. This really could not be easier. Simply push the spring guide up, and remove the long snake of spring. You can then clean and relube the magazine, before putting it all back. Then just push the spring back in, really no effort required.




Field Testing


These magazines certainly "talk the talk", but do they "walk the walk"?! From my own experience yes - if you feed them right.


My BB of choice until now has been the Zero One .25 as they were at the time (I brought 24 bags!) the cheapest by a country mile for that weight. Unfortunately, these seem to jam in the magazine at the ramp when upright. They did feel perfectly on their side though. Using the Blaster .20's and .25's they feed perfectly. Emptying the whole magazine in seconds. I've had problems with the Z1 BB's before on some mags. So it is unclear who was the blame, the BB, the mag or a bit of both!


For myself, not a major issue. I am coming to the end of my Z1 .25's, and although they are still very good value (~£1.80/1000) the Blaster .25's work out not much different (~£2.00/1000)


As with all metal mags, the paint can come off when chucked around in the dump pouch. I've not used these too much as yet, but with some scratching at the rain I did get some little rust spots.






When I first got these magazines and they were not feeding my BB's I was rather annoyed to be honest. It is worth pointing out other people have had them working with Z1 BB's.


Anyway, for myself, since swapping to new ammo I am delighted with them. They feed well, have great capacity and are not too expensive. The downside for myself would be the grey colour and the scratching all metal mags experience. I may well solve both with some black Krylon in the near future!


I give these magazines a solid 9/10 biggrin.gif

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Can you give a little more info about what guns you tested them on? I've heard of compatibility problems with G&P guns, for instance.

They are certainly too loose to be used in my G&P Sentry. They need almost 2mm of fill on the back side part that goes inside the mag well in order to feed properly.

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Can't really comment on what else they feed in, except my G36c! Were quite wobby in a Battleaxe M4 magwell convertor - but I'm not sure if that was the magwell or the mags. Fed fine though, and solved the problem with some epoxy resin in the right places :)

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They are certainly too loose to be used in my G&P Sentry. They need almost 2mm of fill on the back side part that goes inside the mag well in order to feed properly.


That's too bad. Tested some MAG plastics today and they worked great – certainly better than the suspiciously poor G&P mag that came with the gun!

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